Sheba SaeedDr Sheba Saeed, a Solicitor by profession with a Ph.D. from the University of Birmingham, UK founded asetikbird. The vision for asetikbird has emanated from Sheba's diverse experiences ranging from academia to working as a Solicitor in the areas of crime and family law to documentary filmmaking. With asetikbird the aim is the creation of an arts enterprise with social values which seeks to bring about a difference in the lives of everyone it comes into contact with. The philosophy for asetikbird is to conduct work in a disciplined manner striving to achieve a higher level, much like an ascetic used in a metaphorical sense and having the freedom to express yourself for a greater good.

asetikbird is a brand that endorses social enterprise. Branching out into films, publishing, consulting and workshops, the brand has been founded for social good through the work it does.

All these branches will continue to seek socially orientated projects.

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